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10 September 2023

Welcome to our first news update.  Sitting here minutes away from the Springboks kicking off against Scotland in the first game of our rugby World Cup, one can feel the excitement in the air.

The Metallicon Team

Firstly, and most importantly, we are pleased to announce that Pamela Janse van Rensburg and Pono Mogoera will be joining the Metallicon team as administration manager and lead process engineer respectively. 

Pamela will be focussing on the creditors control, marketing and ECSA facilitation initiative.  Given the imminent need for metallurgists to be professionally registered, we are offering a service to assist metallurgists in putting together their applications.  We now have 45 metallurgists whom we are assisting with professional registration with ECSA. 

Pono has returned to the fold after gaining experience as a project manager with one of the engineering companies. In the past, Pono was the lead process engineer on the graphite projects that Metallicon successfully completed.


PGM’s in Zimbabwe

There is a lot of focus on the development of the Platinum Group Metal (PGM) resources in Zimbabwe, and we have been at the forefront of the development on a number of projects.  These projects have been able to utilise our extensive experience of the Zimbabwean ores since Michael Valenta managed the initial test work on these ores in 1991 at Mintek.

Metallicon has been intimately involved in the successful upgrading of a PGM concentrator, with a significant improvement in recovery.  Based on the test work results, we were able to predict the recovery to within 1% of what has been achieved.

In terms of developing projects in Zimbabwe, Metallicon has been involved in two ongoing prospects.  In the first, we are managing the test work programme being conducted by SGS in Randfontein.  From the results, we have generated the process design criteria for the Feasibility Study and are representing the client as the metallurgical consultant on the plant design.  The second project was a due diligence study of the test work and feasibility study for an new concentrator.


Base Metals

Recent activity in the copper space involved the conducting of a fatal flaw analysis of the metallurgical test work and feasibility study on a complex copper prospect in the SADEC region.  This fatal flaw analysis has subsequently developed into a fully fledged due diligence to consider the forecasted product grades and-recoveries, the operating cost estimate and the basis of estimate for the capitals cost estimate.

Rare Earth Elements

The extraction of Rare Earth Elements has also been one of our interest, and we are consulting on the test work programme that is currently underway.  This will be followed by a concept levels process design and cost estimate.

Metal Accounting

On the metal accounting front, we have just completed a metal accounting audit of two PGM concentrators, and the associated assay laboratory.  Significant findings were made, including the poor sample preparation standards that have crept in at the assay laboratory.

We have been commissioned to conduct a metal accounting equipment audit at one of the primary PGM producers, and are awaiting an order from another PGM producer to conduct a metal accounting audit and the development of a metal accounting system

With a distinguished research and development heritage, our team boasts individuals whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the methodologies used in concentrators, smelters, and refineries today. From the foundational stages of test work to the intricate design and operation of large-scale operations, Metallicon brings a treasure trove of experience to the table for our valued clients in the mining and metallurgical sector.

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